Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Twice twice the trouble trouble

So what do you do when your friend's twins turn 8?  Why you make them matching but not matching quilts!

With a boy and a girl in play I decided on a simple block quilt but with striking fabric that reflected each twin's personality.

Knowing that Miss A loves pink but wanting to make a quilt that she would still like in her teens and twenties, I went with a Kumari Garden charm pack sourced from the fabulous southernfabric on Etsy.

In order to make a quilt of a sufficient size for a little rascals, I bulked each one out with a selection from Spotlight.

The most difficult thing about the quilt was finding a binding that lifted the quilt as there is so much pink and yellow in it nothing seemed to work....  and if you've ever tried to find the perfect yellow you'll know it's a fool's errand!  Luckily I had some beautiful blue mosaic print in my stash which fit the bill brilliantly!

So here's the completed work for Miss A.

Master J loves all things green, a difficult colour to find without hitting camo styles but I was delighted to find Comma in 5 inch squares.  He also loves a good yarn (pardon the pun) so the punctuation seemed appropriate!

I bulked out Master J's lot with a selection from Spotlight too which, oddly enough, was actually pretty simple.

Here it is in progress...

Same pattern and a fabulous plain charcoal to lift the whole quilt.

In the end I think I prefer Master J's quilt as it has a very striking quality about it and let's face it, I'm not big on the super pretty stuff generally.

I took all these photos in various locations around the Brisbane CBD.  I especially love the softness of Master J's quilt against the industrial look of the staircase!!

Here are the obligatory full shots side by side of course!