Sunday, March 6, 2016

Roll her Coaster

So I'm back at my day job and we have a new policy of no waste at your desk. I've been in this situation with previous employers and it's a great environmental scheme. You do tend to recycle more paper when it's hard to throw it out but it does mean nowhere to dispose of teabags conveniently.

As a tea officionado, I like tea strong, or as my mother says, "string enough to stand a fork in it". As such I tend to leave my teabag in for awhile which inevitably drip as the string soaks up the liquid and down the side. The result... tea rings!

So needing a bit of crafty respite from my work week, I whipped up a couple of coasters to solve the problem.

I knocked a scrappy one out using the remnants of half square triangles from a precious project (see Chevron Quilt).

Then tried something new! A big shout out to for the tute and From the Blue Chair for help with hexies!

Here's my practice one using scraps... 

It was actually so easy that I wish I'd gone straight to the designer fabrics!