Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marine scrappy

What do you make a dear friend, a guy buying his first house and a beach house at that? A quilt of course with a masculine vibe.

Mr Marine has oft admired a scrappy light n dark I throw over my couch so I grabbed the pattern from mum and knocked one out for him featuring mostly navy and green fabrics suiting his interests and travels - marine biology, fishing, Canada, Africa, Thailand. A big thank you to the quilters store for digging out their fishing range! The quilting is meandering but sort of looks like coral, appropriately!

Here's the work in progress. It's a simple enough block and the optical effect comes from the way you turn them. But of a nightmare until you get your groove.

Whoops! Looked right up close!

Damned machine naturally jammed with 1/5 to go!

And the finished product

With its slightly crazy recipient