Saturday, December 26, 2015

A scrappy pillow

So most years I make some kind of culinary delight for teachers, neighbours etc Teachers still got them this year however we have the greatest neighbours at our new place and their decor matched some fabric I had from a previous project so I got it in my head to do something different.
I cut 2.5in squares from my layer cakes.

Here Tis - a cushion

Instead of the standard button closure on the envelope fold, I opted for a little yellow felted ball. Super cute result!
The backing fabric is a 1000 count sheet.  Made the cushion feel really special.

And here Tis in situ

Though I confess it started out looking like this...
...but it didn't suit the plus pattern. Just goes to show you should plan and test your patterns with the fabric you intend to use. Amazing the improvement the right pattern achieves!

A few more shots for good measure (pun intended!)

I got the insert at Pillow Talk which was cheaper (and much more convenient) than the usual Spotlight job!

Interestingly, the two people I've made things for out of the Bluebird Park fabric both have Bally prints which match the fabric perfectly. Total coincidence!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Peachy Chevy Quilt

2015 has been a very trying year for a friend of mine.  She’s borne everything thrown at her with such grace that I wanted to make her something to keep her spirits up.  Introducing the Peachy Chevy Quilt.

I’ve had this Rock’n’Romance fat quarter bundle for ages (Heartbreaker palette) from Moona Fabrics on Etsy and it seemed the the perfect pairing with Cluck Cluck Sew's Pow Wow patternThe flirty feminine fabric seemed to soften the sharp corners of the chevrons.  The chevrons are meant to guide her through the next phase of her journey – sounds a bit like marketing (I can’t really turn off that part of my brain, even on mat leave!) but it’s true.
It was a very simple pattern but looks so effective!  I also really prefer making Throw size quilts as they’re big enough for adults to enjoy but not so big they’re a nightmare to quilt.
Instead of using plain cream cotton for the sashing I wanted something that would really sing and I found that at East Coast in the Art Gallery section.  It's Frilly Flutter Creme from the Winged collection. It’s just the right mix of cream stalky pattern through soft taupe.  I also took the time to cut and then position the sashing so the stalks would always point up.  I'm very glad as it gives a more professional look to the quilt.  (I used the leftover sashing fabric for my log cabin cushion

I also found some of the Heartbreaker fabrics at East Coast and picked one for the binding.  While I usually prefer the look of a dark or patched binding (it forms a nice frame), the peachy worked better here.  

As it happens, my friend tells me that peach/coral is her favourite colour and, now that I think about it, she does wear a lot of that colour!  Perhaps my subconscious picked up on the clues ;)

This was also my first attempt at free motion quilting and I’m absolutely THRILLED with the stippling result.  It took some practice but, with the help of YouTube and Pinterest, I managed to work out how to do my swirls without going back over myself.  A big thank you to Mum for lending me her open toe quilting foot!

I love all the beautiful rural fences near Mum’s place so I took a drive out there to stage my photos this time. I am a bit obsessed with old fences and trees.  They’re my favourite things to photograph other than my kids LOL

It even looks great all balled up (which, let’s face it, is how most kids leave a quilt!)

So did you guess?  Yes, this quilt was the sneak peak but the way it was folded makes it appear to be a cushion!

I’m loving this new way of folding my quilts – the tuck fold.  You can see both the front and backing designs this way.  Very cool!  Check it out here

Here it is in situ

Thursday, December 3, 2015

DIY Festive Decor

Tis the season as they say. There's nothing as rewarding/frustrating as trimming a tree with a threenager. 

So, naturally I had to share with you my Puggle Christmas decoration...
and my latest project...

As much as I love being on maternity leave, it does pose a bit of a conundrum. Minimal funds means fewer projects.

I have been planning to buy a beautiful Garland to match our front door wreath however no funds coming in this year means I'll have to wait another year.

Enter Pinterest and a big thank you to all who pinned cheap and easy ways to DIY Christmas decor. These were also terrific projects to do with our three-year-old! Though it helps to have a hot glue gun and some paint sample cards on hand.
You'll notice Colin & Firth made it into the photo 😊 (their names are inspired by my mither's reindeer Rupert & Everett)

I adore our new felted ball one, perfect for a house full of kidlets as they can't break it!

Given that I was using only the most treasured decorations on the tree this year, I used the old cheapie decorations (purchased from Crazy Clarks way back when we first moved in together) to upcycle and create my own Frozen style garland - again, great for Elsa-obsessed 3 yr old. Much better than sending to landfill.
I'm also changing out my coffee table decor for more festive flair. Yesterday we went hunting for pine cones which I now realise is a very northern hemisphere decorating thing as it's completely the wrong season for them here. A family trek to the other side of town yielded fruit (pun intended) and today Bug and I will paint them. Dang they're sharp! Gotta love Xmas Craft!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Flowering Snowball

I'm so addicted to the Southern Fabric Instagram feed. Recently there have been a number of Cotton and Steel mini swaps coming through and my favourite was actually available on Etsy as a kit. 

Unfortunately, and inevitably, they'd sold out but with many blog entries on these projects I was able to determine how to diy! 

I got myself a small selection of C&S fat quarters from The Quilters Store and followed the tutorial at

A big thank you to Lisa at In the Boondocks for her tip on fabric quantities.

So here it is! My first foray into curves and, I have to say, it wasn't as hard as I thought. 

The background fabric has many different baking recipes which tickled my fancy. I love this modern fashion at the mo of using an obvious pattern in the background/sashing of one's quilts.

For the back (which won't be seen being on a door!) I used a chunk of Fluro chevron my cousin gave me and just navy Kona.
My sashiko stitching needs practice and I confess hand stitching in cream on those random patterns on the background gave me a stinking headache!

I made it with the idea that it would look lovely on the back of the door in our guest toilet. It's funny; I've spent much time, $$ and thought on the decor for every room in the house except the room almost everyone who visits visits! Take one devilishly boring room and huzzah, colour!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Needles + needles

Disaster today! Before I'd even begunmy project, I broke my needle case. Just a plastic standard spotlight one. 

So, an emergency project... a new needle case. Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration and tutorial! And as ever thank heavens for scraps.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Embracing Natural Beauty

Taking a break from sewing this week as my Mum's friend gave our girls a collection of hand-me-down Bratz dolls. 'Twas very kind of her but I loathe these dolls. They look drugged out and sexed up and I don't want to send that message to my daughters.

But I remembered seeing a Facebook post about Tree Change Dolls and the lovely Tassie artist Sonia has done some tutorials ( on how to DIY with just nail polish remover, eucalyptus oil (add a few drops together on a cotton ball) and Jo Sonja paint from Bunnings. A quick Pinterest search helped with how to untangle their hair (a few drops of fabric softener in a cup of water. It works sooo much better than conditioner!) it felt a bit like an episode of Snog Marry Avoid in the end lol!

Even without ANY face on they look 100x better!
I bit the bullet and bought a little pattern from Etsy as our girls arrived sans clothes. They were super fiddly to make but look lovely once finished.

So, meet the lassies:
The very first one I did is actually my favourite. We called her Gaia after Mother Nature in Captain Planet (seemed appropriate!).

 (I was having so much fun I actually forgot to do before shots for some of them).

Sol (short for Soldier inspired by my daughter's interpretation of the outfit I made)



We'll only keep Sol & Gaia and give the rest of the lasses to a children's charity. Bug & Dash certainly don't need this many! That was always the plan but I did not want to give the originals to any other child either!

Friday, October 30, 2015

UFO challenge

UFO = unfinished object

8 weeks until Mat leave is over 😥 Better get cracking on my UFOs! And these are just the ones I have photos of!!

Log cabin cushion

After final cleaning the master bedroom of the humongous pile of laundry (I forgot how much washing babies create!) our little chair looked lonely by the door to nowhere so I whipped up a little log cabin pillow from my scrap bag.  

I wanted something bright but scrappy enough to match the lovely quilt my mother made us when the boy and I first moved in together all those years ago. 

It's mostly teal batik fabrics but I used some leftover cream fabric (see chevrons post) for the background from the art gallery Winged range (called Frilly Flutter Creme).

Thanks to southern fabric for the Instagram inspiration! Loving concentric circle quilting at the mo.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's socialize!!

New customised social media buttons added to the blog! Thanks to Lisa from In The Boondocks for the suggestion ;D

Pumpkins for a puggle patch seemed appropriate.

A big shout out to I Gotta Create for the tutorial on how to do it!


Aren't they cute?

So please, start following and sharing peeps!