Saturday, July 27, 2013

A big sister quilt for Sophie

My friend announced she was expecting her second child but i didn't start quilting until after her first Sophie was born. I made her some muslin wraps at the time but given other friends have received quilts, I decided this was the perfect excuse to make it up to Sophie. 

My mum shared with me her love of Craftsy through which I discovered their free Kissing Fish pattern!

Sophie's dad tipped me off that pink and girly was the way to go and given how pretty the original pattern is, I sourced the Spring  House collection layer cake.

I made up my coloured and white fishies...

placed them out...

and voila... A big sister quilt for Sophie - or something to keep her Mumma warm during night feeds of little Charlie ;) 

(The little fish were quick fix, a bad join on two pieces fixed with zigzag stitch but they turned out quite a cute addition!)

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