Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not-too-mumsy maternity wear

Maternity wear - URGH!!! It's expensive and most of the time either too cutesy for my taste or just plain ugly!  Now, I hate sewing with knit fabrics so I will pay a bit more for a few items with stretch (I highly recommend QueenBee  or ASOS for a couple of staple items) but when it comes to paying up to $80 for a t-shirt just because it will fit a pregnant figure, I get hot under the collar.

So when I found DIY Divas's terrific tute for the perfect maternity top, I jumped at the chance to make some tops nice enough for a corporate wardrobe or weekend wear.

It took me a bit of time to rework the tutorial to a bigger size but worth the effort to make the sleeve hole big enough that you won't rip the front fabric the first time you bend over? What do you think?

I also followed Deliacreates' great tutorial on maternity skirts. I loved this japanese inspired fabric from Spotlight but the project did remind me how I hate seeing with slippery knits!

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