Friday, November 20, 2015

Embracing Natural Beauty

Taking a break from sewing this week as my Mum's friend gave our girls a collection of hand-me-down Bratz dolls. 'Twas very kind of her but I loathe these dolls. They look drugged out and sexed up and I don't want to send that message to my daughters.

But I remembered seeing a Facebook post about Tree Change Dolls and the lovely Tassie artist Sonia has done some tutorials ( on how to DIY with just nail polish remover, eucalyptus oil (add a few drops together on a cotton ball) and Jo Sonja paint from Bunnings. A quick Pinterest search helped with how to untangle their hair (a few drops of fabric softener in a cup of water. It works sooo much better than conditioner!) it felt a bit like an episode of Snog Marry Avoid in the end lol!

Even without ANY face on they look 100x better!
I bit the bullet and bought a little pattern from Etsy as our girls arrived sans clothes. They were super fiddly to make but look lovely once finished.

So, meet the lassies:
The very first one I did is actually my favourite. We called her Gaia after Mother Nature in Captain Planet (seemed appropriate!).

 (I was having so much fun I actually forgot to do before shots for some of them).

Sol (short for Soldier inspired by my daughter's interpretation of the outfit I made)



We'll only keep Sol & Gaia and give the rest of the lasses to a children's charity. Bug & Dash certainly don't need this many! That was always the plan but I did not want to give the originals to any other child either!

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