Friday, November 27, 2015

Flowering Snowball

I'm so addicted to the Southern Fabric Instagram feed. Recently there have been a number of Cotton and Steel mini swaps coming through and my favourite was actually available on Etsy as a kit. 

Unfortunately, and inevitably, they'd sold out but with many blog entries on these projects I was able to determine how to diy! 

I got myself a small selection of C&S fat quarters from The Quilters Store and followed the tutorial at

A big thank you to Lisa at In the Boondocks for her tip on fabric quantities.

So here it is! My first foray into curves and, I have to say, it wasn't as hard as I thought. 

The background fabric has many different baking recipes which tickled my fancy. I love this modern fashion at the mo of using an obvious pattern in the background/sashing of one's quilts.

For the back (which won't be seen being on a door!) I used a chunk of Fluro chevron my cousin gave me and just navy Kona.
My sashiko stitching needs practice and I confess hand stitching in cream on those random patterns on the background gave me a stinking headache!

I made it with the idea that it would look lovely on the back of the door in our guest toilet. It's funny; I've spent much time, $$ and thought on the decor for every room in the house except the room almost everyone who visits visits! Take one devilishly boring room and huzzah, colour!

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