Saturday, December 26, 2015

A scrappy pillow

So most years I make some kind of culinary delight for teachers, neighbours etc Teachers still got them this year however we have the greatest neighbours at our new place and their decor matched some fabric I had from a previous project so I got it in my head to do something different.
I cut 2.5in squares from my layer cakes.

Here Tis - a cushion

Instead of the standard button closure on the envelope fold, I opted for a little yellow felted ball. Super cute result!
The backing fabric is a 1000 count sheet.  Made the cushion feel really special.

And here Tis in situ

Though I confess it started out looking like this...
...but it didn't suit the plus pattern. Just goes to show you should plan and test your patterns with the fabric you intend to use. Amazing the improvement the right pattern achieves!

A few more shots for good measure (pun intended!)

I got the insert at Pillow Talk which was cheaper (and much more convenient) than the usual Spotlight job!

Interestingly, the two people I've made things for out of the Bluebird Park fabric both have Bally prints which match the fabric perfectly. Total coincidence!!

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