Sunday, October 25, 2015

Busy as a bee

So I'm gonna say it - I hate yellow. It's probably my least favourite colour. I can't explain it, it just doesn't float my boat.  But with so many friends on the baby train, I'm delighted to find out a few aren't finding out the sex. We didn't either and it was a delicious surprise on the day (plus all those glorious hormones will erase any minor disappointment!!). But I appreciate that it makes baby shower gifting difficult.  There are so few gender neutral options!  Hence, my recent appreciation of yellow.

It's taken me a couple of busy years to finish my first tumbling block quilt but here she is.  I bought an Heirloom Citrine charm pack from the fabulous

and knocked an inch off the left and right side of one end to the corner. It's that simple!!  I bulked it out with fabrics from Spotlight as well as tapping my already overflowing stash.

 I also took a stab at freehand random circle quilting which I fell in love with at the most recent Samford Quilt Show.

  It was pretty simple and looks divine!

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