Saturday, February 16, 2013

1st Birthday Quilt for A

I have a bit of a Red Riding Hood thing going on of late. I think it's because people keep telling Puggle "What big eyes you have!"

So after falling in love with all the fabric at the Samford Quilt Show I showed great restraint and only bought A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey for Moda.

There has been much argument with other quilters as to whether these are foxes or wolves.  I reckon they're wolves as it seems to be Red Riding Hood however I concede that they are very foxish wolves.

Using a charm pack and a few extras from the trunk at home, I put together this simple bento box quilt for my friend's daughter's 1st birthday.  It has very simple diagonal quilting and the remainder of the fabrics as binding.  The border is a lovely pink from the Beatrix Potter range.

Here 'tis:
'Twas a stupid idea putting blocks in the corners instead of the middle strip like I would normally do as the sandwiching had to be absolutely perfectly straight which of course it never is, hence the odd blue borders.

Still, nice and bright and girly.

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