Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wedding Quilt for Q & M

Last year my friend Q invited me to his wedding in gorgeous Oxford, UK. Unfortunately, being eight and a half months pregnant at the time and in the middle of moving house, we were unable to attend what promised to be the shindig of the year!

To make up for this, rather than purchase something ''materialistic'' from I decided to put some love and attention into a material gift - my first king size quilt.  Quite ambitious I can tell you!

Through my etsy surfing addiction, I was lusting after this Riley Blake layer cake - Isabella.

I didn't quite have enough with the layer cake so I added a few extra pieces from The Quilters Store and planning began.

I created this beautiful disappearing nine patch quilt!  I thought the sandwiching would be by far the most difficult part; this was a two person job being soooo big, but actually it was the quilting.  Although a fairly simple squiggle swoop design, having used a wool batting to keep Q & M warm in the freezing UK winters, sitting under it to quilt it in the heat and humidity of a Queensland summer without aircon was challenging.  Luckily for me, my machine isn't sophisticated enough for quilting so the sweaty job fell to Mum ;)

Only 10 months late with the gifting, I am very pleased with the result and Q's reaction when he opened it!

(Credit to my mother for her quilting)

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