Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ragged Blossom Skirt

Since I didn't know what gender Puggle was going to be it was difficult to decorate the nursery especially when it was important to me to avoid animals not native to Australia ie woodland creatures, under the sea etc.  So when I found May Gibbs' gumnut babies at Spotlight recently it was a no brainer.

I used the patterns on Babyrabies for cot skirt and rail covers.

Although I adored the whole range, I kept to fairly gender neutral colours...

but I couldn't resist the wattle babies. They're so cute!

The photo beside her cot was taken by Puggle's godfather on the day she was born. It is a solar eclipse taken through Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park - that's the real one, not where Yogi Bear steals picnic baskets ;)

The contoured change mat was a bit more difficult but I found this terrific tutorial on E Tells Tales

Ridiculously, it was impossible for find anything for the nursery that didn't have animals we simply don't have here in Australia.  Etsy was the only place I could find anything remotely plausible.  The koala mobile was custom made by HingMade.  I put it over the change table as Puggle is a little wriggler and needs the distraction - plus everything I read online said a mobile over the cot would stimulate her thus keeping her awake.

Kudos to my friend MM for inspiring the cot rail xx

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